Data Privacy Policy

Effective from 1º.8.2022

Basch & Rameh Advogados Associados, registered under Brazilian law, with company number CNPJ/ME 03.808.064/0001-01, with its registered address at Rua da Consolação, nº 3741, 13th floor, São Paulo, State of São Paulo, CEP 01416-001 (Basch & Rameh), is comitted to respecting your privacy and has created this privacy policy (Policy) with the intent to practices regarding the collection of information when you visit this page, as well as how we use, store and share your personal information as per Brazilian legislation, including the Law 13.709/2018 General Data Protection Law (in Portuguese Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados).

We encourage users to read the following policy carefully before supplying any information under this website. You will find details of Basch & Rameh collects and treats the information supplied through this platform.

For the purposes of this Policy, “Users” includes all individuals who, in any way, use the Basch & Rameh Platform.

The Platform is online and accessible via the URL (Platform) which offers Users the possibility of subscribing to newsletters and events.

The registration of legal entities as User of the Platform must necessarily be carried out by a duly authorized legal representative. For the purposes of this Policy, when the User is a legal entity, its legal representative will also be considered a “User”, insofar as their personal data are provided and processed on the Platform.

We do not collect or knowingly solicit Information from anyone under the age of 18. Users under the age of 18 must not submit Information to us through our Platform. If we become aware that we have collected Information from an individual under the age of 18, we will disregard the Information provided and will not maintain it in our database.

In order for the Platform to adequately offer the functionalities, it is necessary that it has access to certain personal information from Users (collectively, the “Personal Data”).

It is not possible to offer the Platform’s features without having access to this Personal Data. That is, the processing of Personal Data is a condition for using the Platform.

This Policy explains, in a simple, objective and transparent way, which Personal Data is collected and processed by Basch & Rameh and the purposes for which they are collected and processed, in addition to indicating with whom they can be shared and what resources are available to Users to manage their Personal Data.

The contents of this Policy are as follows:

  1. What Personal Data we Collect and Process
  2. Why we collect and process this Personal Data
  3. When we delete Personal Data
  4. Who else will have access to Personal Data and why
  5. What are your rights in respect to this Personal Data
  6. How we store and protect your Personal Data
  7. Do you need to provide your consent for Basch & Rameh to use your Personal Data as described in this policy?
  8. Third party website
  9. Changes to this Policy
  10. Complaint procedure
  11. Jurisdiction

According to Law No. 13.709/2018, Basch & Rameh is considered the “Operator” of your Personal Data in the context of providing legal services, which is why the information presented throughout this document only includes the data processed by Basch & Rameh in the context of the Platform. If, after reading this Policy, you still have any questions or, for any reason, need to communicate with us about matters involving your Personal Data, you can contact us through the channels below:
Basch & Rameh is therefore in charge of processing Personal Data as per Article 5(VIII) of the law 13.709/2018.

1. What Personal Data We Collect and Process

Personal Registration Data: Basch & Rameh only receives or otherwise collects the following information related to Users at the time they provide such data when registering on the Platform:

  • Name;
  • organization of which you are a part of;
  • telephone;
  • email address;
  • message; and
  • resume.

Device Information: we may also collect information about devices, such as IP, date and time of access to the Platform. It is important to mention that we do not collect personal data through cookies, pixels, beacons or other similar tools. The use of cookies by the Platform is restricted to statistical analysis of the use of the Platform, without any connection to the IP or other personal data of the user.

2. Why we collect and process this Personal Data

We use Users’ Personal Data, only as provided by the user, for the following purposes:

Personal Registration Data

  • To register the User in the Platform’s newsletter;
  • Hiring talent: recruitment, selection, admission, dismissal, granting of benefits to the Employee and their Dependents, people management, professional development, corporate education, internal communication and contractual obligations;
  • Communication: communication with the firm through the “Contact us” form; and
  • Identification of PEP – Politically Exposed Persons, including spouses/partners, stepchildren, relatives in direct line up to second degree, for accreditation of the office to provide services to clients and comply with specific legislation.

Device Information

  • To comply with legal obligations;

We do not use Users’ Personal Data for any purpose other than those described above.

3. When we delete Personal Data

We structure the Platform and our operations so that your Personal Data is not kept in an identified manner for longer than necessary. That is, we keep Personal Data only for the period in which it is necessary for the purposes described above, nonetheless not exceeding two years, if we are required by law or for the regular exercise of our rights.

We shall keep Personal Data anonymously, for longer periods of time, that is, without being linked to or being able to be related to a User.
You may request for the destruction of your data at any moment by sending an email to the following address:

4. Your Personal Data and third parties

We do not envision that your Personal Data will be shared with third parties outside of Brazil.

Third-party Data sharing:

For business partners, such as hosting and event organization companies, we share Personal Registration Data for the purpose of:

  • registering the User in the Platform’s newsletter.

Judicial, law enforcement, governmental authorities or other third parties with whom we are required by law, regulatory rule or court order to share Personal Registration Data and Device Information, upon request, by court order or legal or regulatory obligation, to disclose to judicial, police or governmental authorities certain Personal Data about our Users.

At any moment following the User’s subscription to the newsletter they may opt-out of this function and Basch & Rameh will no longer make use of their Personal Data for these purposes.

5. What are your rights in relation to your Personal Data

Under the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) – Law nº 13.709/2018 –, you have the right to:

  1. confirmation that we have processed your Personal Data;
  2. access to your Personal Data;
  3. correction of Personal Data that is incomplete, inaccurate or out of date;
  4. anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary, excessive or processed Personal Data in violation of the provisions of the LGPD;
  5. portability of your Personal Data to another service or product provider, observing our commercial and industrial secrets, after regulation by the National Data Protection Authority;
  6. deletion of Personal Data processed based on your consent, except in the cases of retention of Personal Data provided for in the LGPD;
  7. information about who we share your Personal Data with;
  8. information about the possibility of not providing your consent and the consequences;
  9. revocation of your consent to the processing of your Personal Data, when the Personal Data is processed on the basis of your Consent (see item 7 below);
  10. opposition to treatment that violates the LGPD.

You can exercise any of the above rights by sending an email to

Before we respond to a request to exercise the rights mentioned above, we may ask you to provide us with certain information to confirm your identity.

6. How we store and protect your Personal Data

We securely store your Personal Data on the entire Basch & Rameh system in Brazil. We adopt the best technical and administrative practices to protect Personal Data from unauthorized access, destruction, loss, alteration, communication or any form of inappropriate or unlawful treatment.

However, no platform is completely secure. If you have any concerns or suspect that your Personal Data is at risk, for example if someone has had unauthorized access to your Personal Data, please contact us immediately.

7. Do you need to provide your consent for Basch & Rameh to use Personal Data as described in this policy?

The LGPD establishes several situations in which the processing of Personal Data is allowed regardless of the consent of the holder of that Personal Data. These are the so-called “legal bases for data processing”.

This means that, if you choose to use the Platform, in some cases we may collect and process your Personal Data independently of your consent (if there is a “legal basis” provided for in the GDPR that allows us to do so). In other cases, we will ask for your consent to use your Personal Data.

Currently, on the Platform, Basch & Rameh allows for Users to provide data by subscribing to our newsletter, registering in our talent database or filling out a form for communication, the firm collects, through this policy, your consent only for the treatments related to the subscription to our newsletter, communication with the firm and submission of curriculum vitae. If there is any change in the processing of Personal Data and it becomes necessary to collect your consent, you will be informed (see item 9 below) so that your consent is duly collected under the terms of the LGPD.

8. Third Party Websites

As a resource for our Users, we may provide links to other websites on the Internet. Basch & Rameh is not responsible for these websites and content and does not share, subscribe, monitor, validate or accept the way in which these websites or content storage tools collect, process and transfer your personal and private information. We recommend that you consult the respective privacy policies of such websites to adequately inform yourself about the use of your personal information by such other websites or other tools.

9. Changes to this Policy

We may change the provisions of this Policy at our discretion at any time.

Whenever we materially change this Policy, those changes will be valid, effective and binding at the moment they are: (1) they are posted on the Basch & Rameh website; (2) be sent by email to Users and/or (3) be communicated in any other way to Users.

The User must check the updated version of this Policy every time they visit the Platform.

Where changes in this Policy imply changes in our Personal Data processing practices that depend on the consent of Users (see item 7 above), Users will be asked to consent to the new terms of this Policy after the change so that may continue to use the Platform and receive the Services.

10. Complaint procedure

You can file a claim using Basch & Rameh’s contact details above.

You can also send a message to the National Data Protection Authority.

11. Juridiction

The Central Forum of the District of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, is hereby elected to resolve any issues arising from this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Updated the 23/08/2022